Living in community affords us the opportunity to more wholly experience God through close relationships as we play and pray together, as we encourage and help one another, and as we study and live out God’s word together.

Our community groups usually consist of 7-15 attendees in various life stages who meet on a regular basis and have various backgrounds. These community groups are about establishing relationships that encourage us to grow spiritually, offer mercy towards one another in our time of need, and offer fellowship with one another and others in our community. We hope you will join us in this journey of fellowship.

memorial garden Group

This lively group meets to weed and provide general gardening of the Memorial Garden, the sign garden, the Lily Schwarz Garden and the various small gardens located around the church grounds.  We divide bulbs, plant seasonal annuals and mulch throughout the year.  If you enjoy gardening, enjoy being outside for a few hours every few months, come join us as we create beauty around our church.  


Fun loving church members and members of the community get together for fellowship and a day trip!  This group travels to areas around the local community in the church bus for food, history lessons, and general enjoyment of a day out.  Fees are applied to cover expenses of the trip, and pay as you go.  Locations for the next fun day out are posted on our Facebook page, bulletin, newsletter and flyers.  Come join us for a fun day out!


Men need Fellowship Too!  Join this group for lunch.  The restaurant is a moving target, so get your email on the list by contacting the Church Office. The conversation encompasses anything and everything!  This group travels locally to various restaurants in Wilmington, Surf City,  Hampstead, Porter's Neck and others.  We advertise in the bulletin, newsletter and via email.  Hope to see you for Lunch!!